About Me


A little about me:

My name is Jen. I’m from a small north-east town that is considered the countryside, Yes I have actual cows as neighbors lol. I am an animal lover by nature. I’m a businesswoman by day and mommy/ caregiver by night.  Like most women in my shoes, I’m not sure how I accomplish all that needs to be done in the day and still have time for me.

My “Me Time” consist of watching Jennifer McGuire ink card making videos and K Werner design Videos as well ( trust me they are absolutely amazing).

When I’m not oohing and ahhing over their work in their videos, I’m Crafting myself.

The Crafts I enjoy are Card making, knitting, Crocheting and any other thing I can think up to do. I plan to showcase many of these types of crafts on this blog post along with how to’s, tips and tricks.